IBM recently revealed that the average cost of a company’s data breach is around 3.62 million dollars. Between lost revenue, lawsuits, and a damaged reputation, a cyber attack can wreak havoc on a business of any size. If you have a small to medium business, this can be a terrifying prospect.

With the rise of attacks like the WannaCry ransomware attack, more companies are having to deal with the ramifications of a weak security infrastructure. Without proper training or adequate security, these attacks are taking down larger and larger targets. The city of Atlanta spent much of March 2018 dealing with one such attack.

If you’re looking to steer clear of a complicated and taxing cyber attack, following these three tips could prevent a dangerous attack on your business.

1. Make Your Employees Security Smart

You need to start your defense with your employees. Their email inboxes, smartphones, and passcodes could be the gateway for nefarious actors to get into your companies servers. You need to instruct your customers on what to do to avoid being vulnerable.

First, start a new password protocol. Teach your employees the makeup of a good password that they can remember. Introduce two-factor authentication to your system to keep employee’s secure information safe.

Make sure that no one has access that doesn’t need access anymore. Talk to your IT department and make sure no lingering employee accounts are sitting around with admin access. If an employee was let go years ago, they shouldn’t be in your system at all.

Leaving old accounts dormant is a great way for a hacker to get access to those vulnerable accounts and then into your system. Sensitive information could leak out without your knowledge.

2. Use The Phone More

If you deal with large transactions and monetary transfers, implement a system where you reach out to your customers after you get a notification. Once a transaction is initiated, require your staff to call clients to confirm.

Your clients will appreciate how seriously you take their security and their business. Let them know that this is an added security measure and they’ll be faithful to your company for a long time. People appreciate a personal touch and professionalism when it comes to their personal data.

3. Update Software

If you’ve been putting off a major OS update, you could be missing out on some recent security changes. Hacking techniques change constantly and operating systems are changed to fight them before you find out.

Stay updated to keep the latest security challenges at bay.

Avoiding A Cyber Attack Takes Diligence

If you want to ensure that you don’t deal with a major attack on your system, you’ll have to be persistent. Attackers change their approach with every new operating system or device that comes out. Keep passwords secure and create new ones every time you have a staffing change.

If you’re interested in what’s happening in cybersecurity trends, contact us for the latest information.