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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Why limit your enterprise
to just one CISO?

Immersion Security's Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service allows your organization to utilize our pool of experts to perform most of the tasks typically assigned to your in-house Chief Information Security Officer. Our experts will integrate as members of your executive team to assist with the implementation and management of your Information Security, Risk Management, Compliance Assurance, and Data Privacy programs.

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Access to Security Experts

Through the vCISO program, you are not just hiring a single professional; instead, you gain immediate access to an experienced team of thought leaders with broad and complementary sets of knowledge, experience and expertise in the areas of information security, legal and regulatory compliance and IT Governance.

Third-Party Independence

Often internal politics or organizational structures obscure the autonomy of an internal CISO. By providing independent and unbiased advice to address all applicable information security requirements, we can better achieve your corporation’s strategic goals. Our practice is driven by regulatory and compliance objectives, senior management direction, and generally accepted information security principles.

Flexibility of Program

The flexibility of the vCISO program allows your organization to obtain help in all, or only specific, areas of your Information Security program such as contingency planning, risk and vulnerability management, incident response, etc. In doing so, you gain immediate expertise in areas where knowledge gaps exist. Working both on-site and remotely, our experts will help your organization achieve its goals with greater levels of efficiency.

Ready to reduce your risk?

Assessing the data you have, and the associated risks, is the first step towards improving your security posture. Ready to get started? Contact us to set up a free consultation.

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