Gourav Mukherjee


 Gourav is a Senior-Level Information Technology executive with experience in contracting, compliance, governance, risk, and audit across a wide range of service and retail industry segments. He has exceptional talent and proven ability to improve operations and compliance using a GRC framework to establish corporate controls and supporting processes. His thought leadership and vision for standardization and implementation of IT strategy assists C-Level Management in accomplishing their business objectives. Additionally, he is an innovator for IT contract negotiation, supply chain contract coordination and corporate council of IT organizations.


  • Performing gap analyses, readiness assessment and pre-assessment in collaboration with an organizations internal audit team; including identification of control weaknesses, development of remediation plans and lead for the mitigation efforts
  • IT Risk and Security Assessments to determine adequate risk based approaches to achieve compliance.
  • Mentoring and guiding organizations through compliance solutions based on the business
  • Leading compliance policy, procedure and/or guideline authorship ensure the privacy and security of company sensitive information
  • Authoring corporate-wide security awareness initiatives through the use of train-the-trainer on ground and e-learning technologies
  • Reducing cost through consolidation of controls between compliance


 Logistics Company – Publicly Traded Fortune 50

  • Performed an International IT Risk Assessment focused on PCI compliance in over 160
  • Developed International Remediation Strategy for PCI compliance
  • Identified vulnerabilities and mentored staff on corrective actions
  • Contracted to perform PCI Annual Pre-Assessment and remediation

Large Services Company – Privately Held

  • Performed IT Risk and Control Project driven by PCI
  • Directed Remediation Strategy for a $25 Million PCI remediation Project
  • Developed Compliance framework for continued PCI Compliance and reduction in cost of compliance through consolidated controls with SOX

Large State Hospital Association/State Agencies

  • Performed HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training, GAP analysis, and readiness assessments for healthcare organizations resulting in the successful implementation of compliance and risk based governance plans
  • Designed and implemented course curricula and content to assist in the training of over 8000 workforce members on HIPAA compliance including HIPAA compliance and certification seminars

State Sheriffs Department

  • Contracted to provide HIPAA Privacy compliance consulting to Youth Ranches. Project consisted of conducting privacy assessments and gap analyses, and developing sanction, remediation and security awareness plans to correct deficiencies. Worked with IT to implement solutions at core system
  • Provided guidance on developing Business Contingency and Disaster Recovery Plans for the Sheriff Youth Ranches


 Recreational Sports Facility Company

  • 14 Years of Executive Board Membership
  • Established a non-profit organization with scholarship opportunities for underprivileged youth resulting in public/private partnerships

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