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Immersion Security’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) service allows your organization to utilize our pool of experts to perform most of the tasks typically assigned to your in-house Chief Information Security Officer. Our experts will integrate as members of your executive team to assist with the implementation and management of your Information Security, Risk Management, Compliance Assurance, and Data Privacy programs. 

An effective Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is one that builds an accountable; information security-conscious culture and a system security infrastructure built on high quality standards and backed up by effective operational procedures, regular status monitoring and reporting activities. Unfortunately, various challenges prevent organizations from realizing the benefits of an effective CISO:

• Lack of financial resources to search, hire and retain a qualified CISO
• Limited knowledge base and resources for training
• Risk of losing investments in training or acquired knowledge base when staff separates
• Lack of experience and expertise; usually limited to specific industry
• Internal politics cloud the CISO’s vision thus creating conflict with the corporation’s strategic goals
• Organizational structure does not ensure independence

The flexibility of the vCISO program allows your organization to obtain help in all, or only specific, areas of your Information Security program such as contingency planning, risk and vulnerability management, incident response, etc. In doing so, you gain immediate expertise in areas where knowledge gaps exist. Through the vCISO program, you are not just hiring a single professional; instead, you gain immediate access to an experienced team of thought leaders with broad and complementary sets of knowledge, experience and expertise in the areas of information security, legal and regulatory compliance and IT Governance. Working both on-site and remotely, our experts will help your organization achieve its goals with greater levels of efficiency. Only TruSec can deliver the professionalism, business acumen and the years of experience that provide the most sensible cost/benefit performance while maintaining high quality standards. Immersion Security’s vCISO service can help you and your organization in many ways by:

• Providing independent and unbiased advice to address all applicable information security requirements driven by regulatory and compliance objectives, senior management direction, and generally accepted information security principles.
• Assisting with the maintenance and oversight of information security policies, processes and controls.
• Collaborating during information security risk assessments to help identify threats and risks to information security assets, provide recommendations for appropriate risk management practices and provide recommendations for strategies to help mitigate residual risks.
• Assisting with the development and maintenance of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs to ensure your organization properly identifies, assesses, prioritizes, manages, and controls risks as part of the business continuity planning process.
• Developing and delivering a Security Awareness training program for your organization’s management and staff.
• Collaborating on the development and maintenance of the Vendor Management Program and assisting in the determination of risks associated with new third-party vendor relationships, including concerns for the privacy of customer information.
• Assisting with setting priorities for security initiatives and budgeting, based on appropriate risk management methodology.
• Participating in the recommendation, evaluation and selection of security products and technologies.
• Overseeing the maintenance of incident response and crisis management plans.
• Coordination of security breach and incident investigations.
• Performing internal and external vulnerability assessments of the data networks to evaluate the vulnerability management program.

Let Immersion Security show you how our vCISO program is the most cost effective solution to help overcome the challenges you are facing with information security, risk management and compliance.

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